The Teams in the Premier League with the Most xG

We’re near the end of the 2021-22 Premier League season, and the table will likely have taken shape. The teams competing for the title this season have put on fantastic performances and added new records in football statistics; this includes Expected Goals (xG).
Teams in the 2021 – 2022 Premier League

The 2021/22 Premier League is the 30th season of the Premier League, the top tier English professional league for football clubs. Twenty teams are competing in the league, including the top seventeen teams from the previous season and three teams promoted from the championship, including Norwich City, Watford, and Brentford. The current Premier League started on 13th August 2021 and will end on 22nd May 2022.

Manchester City and Liverpool have started to thrive away from the rest of the pack, but do the results reflect their performance quality? On the other hand, teams like Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham have shared some struggles this season in the results, but how about their underlying performances?
Top 5 Premier League Teams with the Most xG

The Expected Goals metric (xG) uses an advanced algorithm to determine the chance’s quality that each side created and conceded during the season. It gives us a tool to measure how good the teams have been performing, regardless of how much they’ve scored.

Let’s look at the teams with the highest rank of xG stats this season.

teams in the premier league with the most xG
5. Manchester United (1.70)

The Red Devil’s defence has been a disgrace throughout the season, resulting in an average of 1.70 xGA per match. Only 토토사이트 have conceded more opportunities per match than Man United, who should be thanking David de Gea’s heroics for keeping them in the game in the top four spots.

Ralf Rangnick’s appointment could have been better, and some continued improvement is still possible in the next season.
4. Arsenal (1.83)

The team under Mike Arteta owe a lot of their league position to their displays at the Emirates, as they’ve gained 68% points amid home comforts within the season.

Arsenal’s underlying numbers are also impressive. After a staggering defeat by Chelsea in their home opener, the Gunners have been performing exceptionally, with a 0.52 expected goal difference (xGD).

Bukayo Saka and Emile Smith Rowe have been putting in the ball behind the nets for the Gunners this season with top assists from Alexandre Lacazette and Saka.
3. Chelsea (1.93)

Chelsea’s underlying metrics show that they are drifting a slight bit from the top. They have conceded nearly 30% more goals than Liverpool but aren’t packing the same number of attacking processes to score for the higher numbers. Indeed, it’s not their style.

After Thomas Tuchel took over last season, the Blues had an average of 0.68 xGA per match. It’s the foundation of the significantly improved form.

This season, Chelsea averages 0.59 xGA per match, and as this season’s Premier League is coming to an end, the Blues have yet to outmatch the record breakers that are Man City and Liverpool.
2. Liverpool (2.43)

This is an attacking team that we should praise extensively. Liverpool’s stats from an attacking point keep their head to head with the beast, which is Manchester City.

Similar to City’s defence, Liverpool’s attack is on the road to being the best point since recorded. Jürgen Klopp’s team has scored 89 goals in 36 games, which averages a whopping 2.43 expected goals for (xGF) per game. The Reds may need to keep up the staggering pace to hand onto City’s tail.
1. Manchester City (2.53)

It’s easy to praise Manchester City when looking at the attacking prowess they’ve been pulling off, especially heading into the festive period with 7-0 and 4-0 wins. However, they’ve also been performing defensively at historic levels.

Man City aren’t on track to overtake Chelsea’s 15 goals conceded during the 2004/5 season but are on track to concede 21 goals in this campaign. The team’s underlying numbers have been astonishing.

Pep Guardiola’s side averages 0.84 expected goals against (xGA) per game within 36 matches. If City manages to keep this up, simply no team will challenge them for the title from this position.
Additional Rank: Tottenham (1.54)

Spur’s hectic season is finally looking brighter, with Antonio Conte getting involved in Tottenham in the recent months.

Tottenham’s top scorers this season are Heung-Min Son with 20 goals and Harry Kane with 13. Kane and Son have also contributed assists throughout the season. Check also our list of the best goalkeepers and midfielders this season.

The Teams in the Premier League with the Most xG

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