Can you really make money with sports betting?

If sports betting may look like a beautiful Eldorado to earn money from your sofa while sipping a beer in front of the match of the day, the reality is quite different. 95% of players lose money over the long term. So the answer is yes, you can actually make money from sports betting, but you still have to know how to be part of the remaining 5%. To do this, here is some information on the behaviors to avoid.

What are the reasons why players lose money.

Look to win 카지노사이트 in one go
Play high odds
Betting too much money
Bet by feeling
Seek to rebuild

There are no players who win every time. The only way to generate profits is therefore to have a strategy that makes it possible to offset losses with gains. A bit of math: odds of 1.20 means you have an 83.33% chance of winning, odds of 1.50 mean 66.66%, and odds of 2.00 give you a 50% chance of winning. These odds take into account a large number of factors such as the form of the teams, the terrain, the compositions… These figures allow you to understand a little better the risks you are taking. However, the only way to generate gains is not only the knowledge of the risks. You must keep your accounts and follow an unchanging line of conduct.

Choose your strategy and follow it rigorously. The solution.

We have chosen to present to you one of the strategies of one of the most famous tipsters in France. This method has allowed a large number of players to win money. Of course, you also need to have an understanding of the sports you’re betting on and a talent for analyzing matches.

The example of our tipster

First, place your bets at average odds of 2.00. the risk of losing is greater than that of a rating at 1.20. You will therefore have to manage your bankroll as well as possible to survive a bad series in the event of the loss of the bet.

Here is how we advise you to use your capital of €155: First, you must break it down so that you can play 6 levels and be in profit when a level is won.

With a capital of 155€ your 6 levels would be 1€ / 4€ / 9€ / 20€ / 41€ / 80€

Let’s be transparent. If you lose 6 consecutive bets you will have lost all of your €155. You really need to be unlucky but anything can happen (1.56% chance exactly). The principle is to cover your losses on the next bet while adding an additional bet to generate one unit of profit per bet played.

Bet 1 lost : Bet €9 odds 2.00 Win €0 Profits -€9
Bet 2 lost : Bet €20 odds 2.00 Gain €0 Profits -€20
Bet 3 won : Bet €41 odds 2.00 Gain €82 Profits +€41

Can you really make money with sports betting?

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